Volunteer Positions

As a youth run non-profit, our entire mission and vision for the future depends on the people who believe in our mission enough to volunteer their time to us. We’re always looking for developers, designers, advisors, editors, and more. We truly believe that no single person is stronger than a team, and that working together is vital to completing our mission. Check below to see what we’re looking for, or apply if you think you could jazz up the team.


We’re looking for:


We need people who:

-Are 14-25. We give preference to our youth volunteers, because we believe that change is seeded in the next generation, and that change can act as an outlet in a world that can be terrifying. We were founded on the experiences of fear and being a scared teenager who just wants change to happen, and we aim to be a place for Gen-Z kids who feel the same to band with us and create the change we need to.

-Believe in us, our mission, the way we could impact the world, and align with our ethics, standards, and values. Our views on the world are our everything. Just as much as our views live through our work, they must also live in our team.

-Have skills that you know could be applied to Astra. We are constantly growing and changing, and looking for new people to join in on the ride. Even if you might not be a good fit now, we’re always looking for people to bring on down the road.

-Have a team-player mindset, and are down for open communication, and are ready to learn as a person and grow as a team member. We believe that technical skills can grow over time, but that people skills and empathy are grown inside, and must be self-motivated. We look for people who want to be working for the greater good and who understand their actions impact people greater than themselves. We value empathy, sympathy, compassion, communication, and a growth-mindset just as much (if not more!) than technical skills.

-Believe they found a home in our organization. Our work is vulnerable, hard, and trying. It’s also rewarding, raw, and moving. We aim to help people who need help, and we act as a family for those who want to do the same. As much as you want to help us, we want to help you. We’re not only looking for volunteers, but new family members and people who we can give a home and a voice to.