Our Views

Although we believe that technology is a solution for many of the world’s issues, we know that we have to take strict ethical stances and implement stringent values and standards in place to prevent new and existing problems from coming into the marginalized communities we serve, and the world at large.


Ethics ⚖️

Our ethics are the core ideas we believe in day to day. These are the fundamental basics we build around, and they emulate our basic ideas of how we see the world. These are areas we actively take a stance on, and believe to be true based on research, insights, and life experiences.


Values 🏆

Our values are the way we translate our ethics into ideas. They describe how we prioritize issues and ideas, how we operate as an organization, and how we align ourselves in the world. These values are the roadmap to making sure we achieve our goals, while maintaining our ethics and working towards our mission at large.


Standards 📝

Our standards are the way we interpret our values into actionable items and stances we can do every day. These standards ensure we can make sure we treat everyone we affect within our ethics, bring our values to life and allow us to move forward and accomplish the goals while staying true to ourselves, and the world we want to build for everyone.


See our views in our work.