Atlas is our quarterly magazine for people and companies in the tech sector to help guide the way to learn more about the intersection of ethics, marginalization, and technology through direct insights, op-eds, and research from our work here at Astra Labs.



Atlas is built to help navigate the complex issues that plague tech and marginalization within our society. It can seem hard to make the right choices and decisions in today’s climate. We want to work with companies and people to help them better understand how the every choice they make within their product can reverberate throughout communities, and how to build with the people who need it the most, not for them.

We also think systemic change starts on an individual level, and if we want to create change within the tech industry, we must start with the people who make it up: developers, designers, founders, executives, managers, venture capital partners, and more.

And from our experiences with consulting and helping people understand and build tech for marginalized communities comes Atlas: our quarterly publication designed to help both companies and individual people in the tech industry understand ethics, marginalization, and technology, and how we can build the future without amplifying existing issues present within the communities we serve.