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One thing is clear: the rate that we are creating innovations in these areas isn’t matching the rate at which we need them, leaving people at risk. And the innovations that do come, can come at high cost to already vulnerable populations, subjecting them to cost barriers, bad security and advertising practices, and exposing their personal data to be exploited by bad actors in the system. 



Let’s break it down.

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We use systems and design thinking to tackle big problems, and we take a multi-step approach. We use apps to help people over a barrier, education and advocacy to teach others about the barrier and how to fix it, and empower companies and provide tools to help them solve the systemic issues and remove the barrier completely. 


Apps for people, not profits.


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Our work is only as good as the foundation we build it on. That’s why we’re commited to staying ahead of the game and as concious as possible regarding cyber security, advertisements, AI, and data harvesting by holding ourselves up to industry standards and beyond. You can read more about how we put people over profits here.



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AnxietyHelper 🧠

AnxietyHelper is an all-in-one mental health guidebook that provides information, resources, and tools based on CBT to find short term tools and long term help.


Verena 🏳️‍🌈

Verena is a security system for members of the LGBTQ+ community in dangerous situations, and is designed to help protect our users before, during and after hate crimes, abuse, bullying, and more.

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Rally 🏛️

Rally is a mobile organizing tool designed to help grassroots organizations mobilize their grassroots volunteer base to protest and fight for policy and the things they believe in, and connect with other organizations in their area to rally together for what’s right. Built on blockchain, end to end encrypted, and free from 3rd party interference. Coming November 8th, 2019.  


Education + Advocacy

Apps 📱

We use our apps to give vetted and researched information to our users regarding mental illness and treatment within AnxietyHelper.


toolkits ⚒️

We build tool-kits to provide information and resources to help people learn about and tackle a wide variety of issues facing marginalized communities and tech today.


Social Media 👭

We use our social media platforms to educate and advocate our community on behalf of the marginalized communities they serve.


Atlas 🗺️

We have a quarterly publication dedicated to helping tech companies and their employees understand the complex and intersectional network regarding technology, ethics, and marginalization




We use Atlas, our quarterly publication dedicated to sharing insights from Astra, to help tech companies understand the intersection of tech, ethics, and marginalization so they can build products that change the world while respecting and working with the communities that their products come across and impact.


Rally 🏛️

We built Rally, our app that provides grassroots organizations with tools based on social networking, blockchain, encryption, and B2B mesh networks to organize and rally their volunteer base for what’s right. Rally empowers and gives tools to non-profit 501(c)3 and c(4) organizations so they can better work to organize to create policy and systemic change through protests and political events without the traditional barriers and issues plaguing using existing social networking sites to mobilize.

Our Collaborations

Our collaborators are the people who we work with to provide insights and help bring to life projects that align with our mission and the work we do.



Amanda Southworth

Founder + Executive Director

Karan Pandya

Head of Product + Operations

Rae Dand

Head of Communications

Ben Henderson

Head of Development


Pumpkin Spice

Head of Kitten Communications


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