Amanda Southworth


Amanda Southworth is the founder and Executive Director of Astra Labs. In her day to day, she develops and designs apps, works on community, leads partnerships, drinks at least 5 cups of coffee, fundraises, and works directly with the Astra team and the marginalized communities they serve to build the future she knows we can get to. In Amanda’s spare time, she looks at photos at cats, thinks about building a robot army, and daydreams about space. You can find Amanda on Instagram @am.nda, on twitter @amndasuthwrth, or email her here.


What’s your favorite coffee order?

Short answer: any coffee. All coffee. All of it.

Long answer: Depends on my mood, weather, amount of longing in my soul, and how much world domination I plan on doing that one day. Also how much money I have. The money one is the main factor.

What’s your all time favorite Vine?

If Astra built your dream idea, what would it be?

A kind robot army that helps people. Not doing anything evil. Just like helping people with groceries, directing traffic, making dinner, walking dogs, and in general doing things that just make the world a little bit brighter.